Discovering Alex by Sam McCarthay

Published September 22, 2014 by vampyandracey


Book blurb:

A chance meeting with a handsome stranger was about to turn Alex’s world upside down.
How would she ever cope with her own guilt?
Feeling like a real life Cinderella she embarks on her journey of discovery, but would she like where she ended up?
Or the choices she would have to make along the way?


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My Review

Well for a debut novelist to reduce me tears while sunbathing in Italy…. Bravo, I did get some funny looks though lol.

This book pulled on my emotions, one minute I’m thinking go for it, then I’m the opposite, how could you….. It mixes in sadness, grief, sexy and happiness into one delightful read.

Alex, she was one mixed up woman, in her place you wouldn’t know how you’d feel either……

Tom enters Alex’s life at a difficult time, she’s not really ready…..his not going anywhere though – did I mention his hot and rich.

I loved Tom and Alex’s relationship, all it’s ups and downs, in and out of bedroom!

I highly recommend you pick up this book.

5 teary/sexy/happy stars

I was gifted a copy for an honest review.


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Discovering Alex

Discovering Alex

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Discovering Alex

Discovering Alex

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Strip Back cover reveal

Published September 22, 2014 by vampyandracey

Title: Strip back: Eric’s Story (Naked Nights #0.5)
Author: Ava Manello
Cover Design: Margreet Asselbergs
Hosted by: Francessca’s Romance Reviews

 photo stripback_zps1112a197.jpg


Strip Back brings you back to how the Naked Night’s began. This is Eric’s story. Back when life was a little less polished, and a whole lot harder.

Before there was Strip Teaser, there was Eric; manager and founder of the Naked Night’s male stripper troupe.

You wouldn’t think you’d be past it at 34, but that’s the position Eric found himself in, as well as newly single after finding his girlfriend in a compromising position.

Setting up the Naked Night’s wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t without sleaze, but somehow he did it.

Strip Back is a humorous and steamy tale of one man’s journey to fulfill a dream. Not all male strippers are the same.

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About the Author

Passionate reader, blogger, publisher, and author. I love nothing more than helping other Indie authors publish their books be that reviewing, beta reading, formatting or proofreading,

I love erotic suspense that’s well written and engages the reader, and I love promoting the heck out of it over on my book blog.

I’m a mother, but most of all I’m me!

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Enchanted and Desired Cover Reveal

Published September 20, 2014 by vampyandracey





Jess Foster is your typical party
girl…or so it seems….
She’s got it all, money, looks,
brains and sex appeal to rival any siren. Living in Manhattan with
her best friend Lily, Jess enjoys the high life, toying with men and
casting them aside, but behind the party girl façade is a broken,
scared young woman who feels like she can’t confide in anyone. She
hides it well until she spends the night with a sexy Italian player.
Simon Mantovani doesn’t do
He’s witnessed one woman he loves
being broken beyond repair. He couldn’t protect her…and he will
never let that happen again. He keeps his conquests to one
night only, making sure to remove any emotional connection from the
equation. That is until he’s introduced to a vixen that captures
his attention. Convincing himself it’s a purely physical reaction,
he embarks on a quest to get her out of his system…not so easy when
you recognize the pain of a broken soul behind the most beautiful
eyes you’ve ever seen.
Have Jess and Simon met their match in
each other? Will they be able to forge something real together, or
will their primal, undeniable attraction to each other be the very
thing that rips them apart? Jess is a master of self-sabotage.
Confronted with a decision that could change everything, will she put
her trust in the man she so desperately wants?
A thrilling tale of caustic love
between two people that swore never to go down this path. Jess and
Simon will take you on a rollercoaster ride as they struggle to find
their place in each other’s lives.


Sometimes love just isn’t enough…



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A prequel – Dark indiscretions #0.5 blog tour

Published September 19, 2014 by vampyandracey

​”A friendship forged out of necessity

​A bond broken and turned into hatred

​One once looked at as a brother

​The other loved to much and too soon”

​James Johnston and Kain O’Grady once had a bond like no other ever seen before. Not only were they brothers of the heart, they were also lovers.

​Centuries they spent at each other’s side. Through good times and through bad, but never did their relationship suffer until one pregnancy and one prophecy changes their lives forever.

​Betrayal is seen at every corner and madness close behind.

​A Prequel

​Dark Indiscretions #0.5

​Shakuita Johnson

​”A friendship forged out of necessity

​A bond broken and turned into hatred

​One once looked at as a brother

​The other loved to much and too soon”

​James Johnston and Kain O’Grady once had a bond like no other ever seen before. Not only were they brothers of the heart, they were also lovers.

​Centuries they spent at each other’s side. Through good times and through bad, but never did their relationship suffer until one pregnancy and one prophecy changes their lives forever.

​Betrayal is seen at every corner and madness close behind.

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​Excerpt #1

​​​James didn’t know what to say to comfort Kain so he just said nothing. He let his body talk for him. He turned his body around so he was facing Kain and looked into his honey-colored eyes and felt something he couldn’t explain. His eyes traveled down Kain’s face and settled on his lips. He remembered that kiss just before he died. He wanted to feel Kain’s lips on his again. He moved his hands to run up Kain’s chest.​​​”What are you doing?” came Kain’s breathy inquire.​

​​”Shh,” was all James said in reply.

​​He brought his lips to Kain’s again and this time pressed more firmly. He hadn’t a clue what he was doing but whatever it was he needed more. He felt not only himself but Kain’s hardness. He moved himself to straddle Kain’s thighs and let out a groan when their penises came in contact with each other. He wrapped his arms around Kain’s neck and felt Kain’s arms around his waist, pulling him closer. Locking them together more firmly. He started to rock his hips slowly and heard Kain’s breath catch in his throat, followed by a small growl.

​​Their kisses were becoming sloppier and more hurried. James started to rock his hips a little faster. He didn’t know what either of them needed but he just knew he needed to go faster. Kain’s lips left his to suck on his neck. He could feel the scrap of his fangs and it only served to make him moan louder. Water was sloshing all about as their thrusts grew quicker and their breathing harsher. He could fill tingling all over his body and his claws begin to curl out from his fingers. Whatev

​​er they were doing felt wonderful and he never wanted it to stop. Kain kept nibbling and sucking on his neck and had even removed one of his arms to fist his hand in James’s hair. Suddenly Kain pulled James’s head back and struck. His fangs embedded deeply into his neck and before James knew what was happening a shout was escaping his throat as thick ropes of fluid left his body through his penis. Kain experienced the same sensation.

​​Kain took his fangs out of James’s neck and bared his own flesh. Seconds later he felt pleasure unlike anything else when James pulled blood from his neck. Whatever they had just done would have to be repeated as many times as they could. Next time he would make sure to stretch it out, though. He vaguely remembered James licking on his neck before sleep took him from not only the shock of James’s second death but the sensations his body had just experienced. He was fairly certain that James had fallen asleep as well. The only thought he had was that it was going to be freezing in the bath when they awoke.


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​​Excerpt #2

​​James looked up from the dirt piles he was playing with at the sound of someone shuffling up the valley. The midday sun was hot, blinding him with its light. Through the sunbeams, a small boy ambled to where James knelt in the dirt. He had never seen this boy before and James was wary. Mystics were the top of the food chain, and his father would kill him if he let someone get the better of him. It didn’t matter that he was only six or that the boy appeared smaller than him. It wouldn’t do to be taken by surprise by this stranger. He stood, baring his tiny fangs.

​​“Who are you? Why have you come here?” James growled, voice tinny but fierce. Even at six, he was a trained killer.

​​“My name is Kain. Our parents were talking down towards camp. They said you were here playing. I asked if I could come join you, so here I am.” Kain’s tiny hands curled to his side and his head cocked.

​​“Are you new here?” James asked, fangs still visible. He wasn’t ready to retract them just yet.

​​“Yes, we walked about two weeks time to get to this part of the hillside,” Kain said. “Would it be alright if I played with you?”

​​James eyed the strange boy suspiciously.

​​“Are you a Mystic, too?”

​​Kain smiled, his top lip pulling back to reveal his own set of small, pearly fangs.

​​“You don’t have a sister?” James asked.

​​“No. It’s just me.”

​​“Me too! Want to be bestest friends?” James withdrew his fangs at this unprecedented prospect.

​​“Yes!” Kain shouted while bouncing up and down, hands waving wildly.

​​“Good. We will be friends forever and ever.” James said with confidence.

​​To secure their blood bond forever, the two boys each nicked the tips of their forefingers with their fangs until blood bubbled at the slight wounds. When their bloody fingertips touched, an instant, unbreakable bond was sealed. They would be best friends forever, even as long as they both still lived and even passing into death. A bond between two Mystics could very well last forever. If nothing came between them, then James and Kain could be blood bound for an eternity.


​​Ten Fun Facts

​​1. I’m a Scorpio and I take it seriously.

​​2. I enjoy reading M/M pregnancy paranormal.

​​3. I still cry on One Tree Hill episodes even though I know what’s going to happen.

​​4. I wrote Dark Indiscretions for my best friend Gavin.

​​5. I’m very introverted.

​​6. I’m the oldest of 5 brothers.

​​7. I’m doubled jointed.

​​8. I’ve never taken a ballet, gymnastics, or any class like it before.

​​9. I took 3 years of Spanish and still can’t speak it or understand most of it.

​​10. I don’t like wearing shoes.


​​Dark Indiscretions: A Prequel Playlist


​​About the Author

​​Shakuita Johnson is a 29-year-old Psychology major. When she isn’t going to school or working, she is doing what she loves most. Writing. She started writing in middle school. Starting with poetry. Then short stories in a creative writing course her senior year. Her love for paranormal and supernatural started with R.L. Stine Goosebumps books and TV shows, Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles, and Christopher Pike books. She is an avid reader with over 100 books on her bookshelf and 1000 plus on her iPad. Visit her online and read her poems and one attempt at songwriting on her blog at You can also find her at Check out her website at

​​Contact Links

​​Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Website | Email:


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Forgiving Reed – Cover Reveal

Published September 16, 2014 by vampyandracey
Forgiving Reed Cover
Forgiving Reed
by C.A. Harms
Publication Date: October 13, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance


Kori suffered a great loss, one that left her feeling so desolate and alone, that she believed nothing would ever fill the void…
The only thing that kept her going was the one little piece of joy she still had in her life, her baby boy, Rhett.
She had no choice but to move forward and give her son the best life she could. Which meant moving back home.
Except there was one problem
Home was where Reed would be…
The man who once held her heart, then shattered it into a million pieces.
Grieving the loss of Rhett’s dad, and learning to forgive those who have betrayed her, Kori was battling it all.
But will she ever have the strength to forgive Reed?

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About the Author

C.A. Harms
 C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn’t always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.

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Embrace the Heat by Cassandra Lawson – Cover Reveal

Published September 16, 2014 by vampyandracey

Full Cover Embrace the Heat

Genre: Paranomal Romance/Dystopian Romance
Series: Moon Virus (Book 2)
Release Date: November 13, 2014
ASIN: B00NK074Z6



      On her seventh birthday Layla’s mother mysteriously disappeared. Raised by a wood nymph in one of the few remaining human settlements, Layla learned to fight from an early age. She also learned to distrust the vampires who rule most of the land. When a vampire saves her life, Layla finds herself more than a little drawn to him, even knowing he could never give his heart to a human.
      The trauma of his childhood left Simon weary and distrustful of all humans, until the day he saved Layla’s life. After seeing the spirited human fighting like a seasoned warrior, Simon can’t help but respect and admire her. He soon learns that Layla is much more than he ever imagined, and he finds it hard to stay away from her. Despite the depths of his feelings, Simon knows there can be no future for them.
      Both of their worlds are turned upside down as Layla nears her twenty-seventh birthday. Suddenly the male vampires are inexplicably drawn to her, and Simon is no exception. As they unravel the mystery of Layla’s heritage, an enemy from their past resurfaces and threatens to destroy Simon and all that he cares for.

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Ruin, The Waking by Lucian Bane Blog Tour

Published September 10, 2014 by vampyandracey

RUIN The Waking

Author Lucian Bane

My name is Lucian Bane, and I’m an Ineffable Dom. That just means, do yourself a favor and please don’t try to fit me into categories. Complicated Dom, Intricate Dom, or Confounding Dom work too. I don’t want a woman I can break, or overpower, or exercise my dominance over. I want a woman I can come undone with. I want a woman I can jump off the cliff with into that abyss of holy hell, this is beyond me, beyond my control. And thank God, I have found that woman in my wife. I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. (A map for women as well, to let them know Doms like this exist.) I want to challenge them to go for the complete power exchange with a woman, but don’t be a coward and not give the same that they demand or expect. Consider that when you give one hundred percent of yourself to a person, there is no more of you to give away. You now belong to them the way they belong to you.

As young men, inner Doms need a master to train them. I once bowed to my inner Dom’s reckless and tireless desires, but when I gave myself to God and conformed my will to His, that inner Dom bowed to His will. The transformation made me into what I am today. What many would call an Ineffable Dom. But its equal term in the Vanilla world, in my opinion, is a real man.

Paranormal Romance

To judge and execute. That is Ruin’s power and desire. But Ruin’s memory is empty of how he came to be here on Earth and why. After saving Isadore– a neuroscientist living in the swamps of Louisiana– from a sexual predator, she volunteers to help him.
Ruin soon discovers that judging and executing wicked humans while linked to such a difficult and beautiful woman who can’t help but involve herself in every aspect of his business, is proving to be more difficult than judging the world.

Book Trailer

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Fun Random Facts About Lucian

Favorite Icecream: Butter Pecan

Favorite Song: Wish You were here (Pink Floyd)

Favorite Time: early morning

Favorite Smells: Ivory soap, Ivory dish liquid, Pine sol, and Camp fires

He loves to eat crushed ice

Excerpt +18

She suddenly jerked up in bed and Ruin spun around. “What are you doing!” she cried.

“I…” He suddenly found himself unable to utter the words ‘checking on you’. “I was watching you sleep.”

She gasped. “Oh my God, what did you see?”

“I…” Again there was no lying. “Saw your breasts.”

She sucked in a sharp breath.

“I’m…” He let out a growl of exasperation. “Want to say I’m sorry but I can’t seem to.”

“Because you’re not sorry!”

“That…is absolutely correct.”

She stormed out of the bed and made her way around to look at me, holding her sheet tight. “And why wouldn’t you be? What is wrong with you?”

“I don’t know.” But he did surely know if he looked at her that he’d do something worse, so he turned his head away.

“You-you come watch me, you’re not sorry, and ohhhh, now you can’t look at me.” She gasped and spread one arm out. “And-and, I’m just supposed to tolerate all of this?” she shrilled. “I’m supposed to be the all accommodating swamp slut host, to the maleficent… hominid voyeur with the ever hard penis but not from ever touching it, are you seeing the freaky in this yet?” Her voice had gradually gotten higher and higher. “And for fucksake! What is your GOD DAMN NAME!”

He looked at her, breathing through the need that had spiked to dangerous from her anger, and now her close proximity to him in only that sheet. “Back up, Isadore. Now.”

“Back up?” She stepped closer. “Well while you’re watching my tits, Mister, I was having a dream about a man who was in dire need and God told me to help him!” She nodded incessantly with crazy looking wide eyes. “That’s right, I was ready to get rid of you and so I go out of my way, go the extra mile and pray for your sorry ass only to wake up to you watching my tits!” she screamed the last.

“You…prayed? For me?”

“What?” Like that was the stupidest of stupid questions.

“Why would you even do that?”

“Because I’m Christian. That’s what we do, we pray for people who need prayer and you clearly need it, don’t you agree?”

“So…you believe in God?” Already his disgust had reached massive levels and he couldn’t even keep the sick reaction from twisting his face.

“I said I prayed and you’re asking if I believe in God? I know you’re not stupid and you did not answer me, what is your name. I am not discussing a thing more until I know that. Tell me your name. Right now. Don’t tell me you don’t know it, either.”

“Well, what if I don’t know it?”
“Do you not know it?”
“I’m not sure what my name is.”
“Not sure?”
“Am I not speaking clearly?”
She pointed in his face. “Don’t’ get smart.”

“If you don’t quit being this way with me, Isadore, I’m going to remove your sheet and do things that will likely make you scream and I won’t stop until I’m done. I don’t even know what I’d do, but something tells me I’d take all the time in the world to figure that out until it’s entirely and perfectly done.”

She stood with her mouth open. “You’re threatening to rape me?”

“I wouldn’t need to rape you.”

She gave a huge exasperated single laugh. “Welllll aren’t you the perfect and astute virgin lover!”

Ruin closed his eyes tight and focused the ice in his veins to push back the heat. “Just ask me to show you, and I will. I may be a virgin, a first time lover, but every second I can’t do what burns in me to do, is an eternal fucking torment.

She gasped and when he finally looked at her for fear of her silence, she just stared at him. “You said fucking,” she whispered, dazed looking.

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